Who we are

Our aim is to improve your independence by providing help or support whenever you need it.

We are a Local Authority Trading Company wholly owned by Carmarthenshire County Council.  We were set up in June 2018 and involved the transfer of the Council’s Careline service, which had been in operation for over 30 years, into the Company.  

We are a centre of excellence for Technology Enabled Care.  Our focus is on ensuring that our customers receive the very best advice on how the latest technology be it in the home or when out and about can improve their independence. By constantly ensuring that we offer the most up to date technology, and by working with industry partners and groups, we can ensure a wide range of equipment, enabling us to develop bespoke solutions for our customers that can support and maintain independence for a wide range of needs. 

We pride ourselves in putting our customers, of all ages, at the heart of everything we do and ensure our wellbeing advisors are some of the best trained in the Industry.  We can tailor support solutions to individuals anywhere in the UK.  For us it's more than a business, it's a passion to do the right thing.

Our Principles 

What we do

Our aim is to improve your independence by providing help or support whenever you need it.

The standards we set ourselves are extremely high and these are confirmed by our accreditation to external bodies, including the Telecare Services Association (TSA). We are working towards compliance with both Healthcare Standards Wales and the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act. All our wellbeing advisors have undertaken a rigorous training programme which was based around the skills our customers wanted, this includes all staff being “Dementia Friends”. We were proud to have been a finalist in The Guardian Public Service Awards 2017 for our Training Strategy. We are currently aiming towards our Information, Advice & Assistance service becoming accredited under the Welsh Government IQAF. (Information & Advice Quality Framework for Wales). Our team of highly committed and trained wellbeing advisors are supported by registered multidisciplinary Health and Social care professionals.

We provide multilingual services to individuals across the UK. We offer a diverse range of services to private individuals, Local Authorities, Universities, Education sector, private and public sector organisations, commercial businesses and Government.

Our infrastructure and monitoring platform uses innovative technology to support a range of existing and futuristic solutions to care and support needs, including Telecare, Telehealth and Telemedicine.

We operate a 24/7 bilingual Information, Advice and Assistance service to individuals and organisations that promotes and maintains wellbeing and independence in the home.

We have a comprehensive range of services to help people retain and improve independence (click on service to read more)



Peace of mind at the touch of a button

The Pendant Alarm Service (sometimes known as careline or lifeline) is our most popular personal alarm service and is likely to be the best place to start. Linked to a phone line, the pendant alarm when activated in an emergency, alerts a member of our 24/7 monitoring team. This puts you in contact with one of our trained wellbeing advisors, who will help you by assessing the situation and taking appropriate action; such as contacting a family member, or emergency services. Our wellbeing advisors always stay on the line until help has been arranged.

24/7 monitoring

We provide a monitoring service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a personal alarm or accompanying sensor is activated, a call is immediately activated to our 24-hour monitoring centre where it is answered by trained wellbeing advisors.

Tunstall Tutorial: How the service works video

When you need a little extra

When you receive our pendant alarm service, you know you’re in safe hands and you can reach us at the press of a button 24/7. You may find that you need additional support such as a sensor to detect smoke, a flood, gas, carbon monoxide or extremes in temperature in your home. These sensors can automatically alert us, as well as yourself. For peace of mind, a sensor can detect if someone gets out of bed or a chair or has left the house when it might not be safe for them to do so alone. This is particularly useful if someone is suffering from memory loss. There are many other useful ‘alerts’ for example, detecting a fall, managing medicines or bogus caller/panic buttons.

Keeping in touch

We also offer daily welfare calls to check on your wellbeing, remind you to take medication or offer peace of mind to carers and family. By pressing the pendant each day, you can advise the monitoring centre that you are ok. If you do not activate a call by an established time, then an Advisor will phone you to check on your wellbeing. If you fail to answer the call then the Advisor will follow set protocols to arrange help. This service is a discreet way of providing reassurance. There are a variety of different services for you to choose from and all complement our emergency monitoring services.

Extra Support

Being a carer, we appreciate how difficult and demanding this role can be at times and there are ways that we may be able to help. We offer solutions that work both inside and outside the home, using a variety of proven and unobtrusive technology. Our Carer’s card service for example, provides reassurance that in an emergency we will implement your agreed contingency arrangements, so that the person you care for gets the help and support they need when you are unable to.

Our Lifeline alarm is the ultimate communications hub to assist carers. This device can be linked with a pendant that your family member or friend can wear around their neck or wrist, allowing hands-free calls to be made to our 24-hour emergency monitoring centre. Should emergency care be needed and you are not around, the wearer can feel at ease knowing they still have help at hand.

For assistance in creating a tailored package for your needs, call us on 0300 333222

Why we are different

We are professional specialists in technology related care and support, helping you to improve independence and quality of life. We provide high quality and reliable bilingual services. We are Local Authority owned and operated thus a highly experienced public sector brand with associated values, such as quality and trust. Our focus is on doing the right thing for you and helping you to improve your independence. We work alongside a team of NHS and Social care professionals and have expert knowledge in technology and daily living solutions. We can create bespoke, flexible solutions based on what’s important to you, to ensure you get the right support to meet your needs. We have embedded knowledge, skills and experience in all aspects of social care, with access to other Social Care and Health services which means if we don’t have the answer we’ll know where to find it.

Our staff are qualified, experienced and highly trained in all aspects of our services. The team works alongside and are mentored by a multidisciplinary group of professionals such as Social Work, District Nursing and Occupational Therapy. Therefore, we are able to guide, offer advice and support across a wide range of technology, health and social care solutions. We offer a dedicated assessment, installation and technical support service throughout the UK. We are able to offer Welsh-speaking services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are at the forefront of new technology balanced with a person centred approach.

How we can help you

Technology Enabled Care, has the potential to transform the way you control your own health and wellbeing allowing you to manage in a way that is right for you.

Our bespoke solutions can help those who need support because of health issues, carers who need help to look after someone or gadgets that can just offer reassurance and peace of mind.

We have established a “high street” demonstration suite used as both a means of a showcasing the very latest technology enabled care and as a training facility for members of the public, health and social care workers.

Meet the team

We are a friendly experienced team based in South West Wales with between us all almost 600 years experience within the Housing, Health and Social Care sector.

person - Samantha Watkins

Samantha Watkins

Managing Director

Sam heads up Delta Wellbeing. Leading its transition from its roots as a Careline Service within Carmarthenshire County Council.

person - Carol Seabourne

Carol Seabourne

Head of Operations and Partnerships

Carol is the Head of Operations & Partnerships and joined us in 2017.

person - Julian Ellis

Julian Ellis

Innovation and Infrastructure Manager

Julian has worked for the service for almost 20 years and has supported the transition of the original Careline service with just a few thousand customers into Delta Wellbeing.

person - Paul Faulkner

Paul Faulkner

Technology Enabled Care Manager

Paul Faulkner is our TEC Manager here at Delta Wellbeing.

person - Carla Dix

Carla Dix

TEC Prevention Strategy Manager

Carla has over 9 years’ experience working in the TEC field. She will lead Delta on implementing a new model of service as part of the Transformation Fund awarded to the West Wales Partnership Board

person - Rebecca Davies

Rebecca Davies

Single Point of Access Manager

Rebecca is the operational lead in the IAA service for Carmarthenshire supporting adult social care referrals. She also manages the Community Wellbeing Officers as part of the regional CONNECT project

person - Kate Ozbahadir

Kate Ozbahadir

Innovation and Infrastructure officer

Kate joined the team in September 2016 and has been promoted to support on all aspects of company infrastructure including implementation of new innovative systems of work.

person - Shereen Turvey

Shereen Turvey

Training Co-ordinator

Shereen joined the team in October 2013 and has been promoted to lead and develop the team through coaching and performance management.

person - Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams

Marketing and Media Manager

Victoria supports the development of sales and marketing. She’s responsible for generating new business from private individuals, maintaining our social media & attending events to promote the service

person - Charlotte Shephard

Charlotte Shephard

Team Leader

Charlotte joined the team in 2019 and has been promoted to lead and develop the team through coaching and mentoring.

person - Kelsey Lewis

Kelsey Lewis

Team Leader

Kelsey joined the team in 2017 and has been promoted to lead and develop the team through coaching and mentoring having gained extensive experience in delivering all aspects of the service.

person - Laura Furnell

Laura Furnell

Team Leader

Laura joined the team in 2018 and has been promoted to lead and develop the team through coaching and mentoring.

person - Joy Cleary

Joy Cleary

Senior Officer

Joy has been appointed as Senior Officer to support our activities in north east Wales. She oversees our day-to-day operational activities and liaises with our partners in the area.

person - Peter Kay

Peter Kay

Team Leader

Peter is the Team Leader for the Delta CONNECT Service in Pembrokeshire, which provides an enhanced lifeline and telecare service.

person - Lindsey Kearney

Lindsey Kearney

Team Leader

Lindsey is the Team Leader for the Information, Advice and Assistance service in Carmarthenshire supporting adult social care referrals.

Key partners